7 Tips to Protect Yourself from Dental Emergencies

7 Tips to Protect Yourself from Dental Emergencies

Aug 03, 2021

No one ever looks forward to visiting an emergency dentist near them. If anything, many people end up avoiding dentists in general until they have an underlying dental problem that needs urgent dental care. It does not have to be your story. If you do not seek treatment for dental issues in good time, you will need emergency dental services to treat your underlying dental issues. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from dental emergencies.

What Are Dental Emergencies?

They are oral problems that are characterized by severity and urgency. Usually, they start as small dental problems that gradually escalate and worsen, requiring immediate treatment. Like with any other medical emergencies, you cannot quite anticipate when an oral emergency will happen. It is especially the case with dental emergencies that involve dental accidents and injuries.

Tips to Protect Your Mouth from Dental Emergencies

Technically, you cannot protect yourself from all dental emergencies. You are only able to put forth preventive measures that can reduce your probability of ending up in a dental ER. Whether for yourself or your children, the following tips should help you stay away from dental emergency clinics near you:

  • Practice daily dental hygiene – poor oral hygiene may cause you to need an emergency tooth extraction for your severely decayed tooth. If you do not brush your teeth every day, you allow room for plaque to form on the surfaces of your teeth. This then begins the process of tooth decay through dental cavities.
  • Interdental cleaning is a must – just because you brush and floss your teeth every day does not mean you have completely excelled in proper oral hygiene. You need interdental cleanings done by a professional to boost your oral hygiene strategies at home. The cleanings are great for removing plaque and tartar from your teeth, which is hard to achieve by yourself at home.
  • Use mouthguards – mouthguards are designed for the sole purpose of protecting your teeth. You can get them over-the-counter, or better yet, get a dentist in Rutherford to customize one for you. Mouthguards are especially useful for people involved in high contact sports like boxing and football, which puts them at high risk for dental emergencies like broken teeth.
  • Watch what you eat – making adjustments to your meal choices is not a restriction to compromise the quality of your life. If anything, eating healthily is the way to lead a high-quality life. Cut down on sugary foods, opting for healthier choices that include vegetables and fruits. You will also need to limit your consumption of corrosive foods like lemons, which can also deteriorate the enamels of your teeth. Other categories of foods to avoid or limit consumption are hard foods, sticky foods, caffeinated beverages, and even starchy foods.
  • Get tooth sealants – they feature a thin plastic coating, usually applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth. The purpose of dental sealants is to protect teeth from dental cavities. A dentist in 07070 will recommend getting tooth sealants if you do not have cavities in your teeth. This way, you significantly reduce your risk of getting dental cavities and ending up with decayed teeth that need urgent dental care. Although sealants are commonly used in preventive dental care in pediatric dentistry, they can be just as effective for adult dental care.
  • Keep up with routine dental visits – your dentist is not asking to see you every couple of months because it is fun. If anything, the regular dental visits are for your benefit. During the routine visits, a dentist will examine your oral cavity and monitor your health thereof. The exams can help identify any anomalies that may indicate oral infections or other dental issues.
  • Take doses of vitamins – you need a dentist to prescribe the correct vitamins before getting any. However, vitamins A, B, C, D, and other supplements like calcium are great for your oral health. They will boost your body’s ability to fight infections and strengthen your teeth. With healthy gums and increased resistance to decay and injuries, vitamins can help prevent the need for emergency dental care near you.

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