Can I Whiten Teeth If I Have Dental Bonding?

Can I Whiten Teeth If I Have Dental Bonding?

Feb 01, 2023

A bright white smile is a desirable trait. Unfortunately, teeth and dental bonding can become discoloured over time. While it is relatively simple to brighten natural dental enamel, you may wonder if whitening bonded teeth are equally simple. Regrettably, the answer is no. While it is possible to brighten bonded teeth, it takes time, effort, and professional help. This blog post discusses how to achieve the desired tooth colour.

Dental bonding is made of a resin with a different structure than natural enamel. As a result, if you use a standard whitening treatment, you may notice that the unbonded teeth become brighter quickly. On the other hand, your bonded teeth will most likely remain the same color, resulting in a mismatched smile.

How Does Bonding Respond To Color?

Teeth whitening products and procedures offer a quick and easy way to remove stains caused by foods and habits over time. Juicy, colorful berries and tomato-based sauces, in particular, are tooth-staining culprits, as are coffee, tea, caffeinated soda, and red wine, as well as smoking and chewing tobacco.

Attempting to whiten bonded teeth, on the other hand, is a different story.The bonding resin and porcelain are colour-matched to your natural tooth color. When bonded to your teeth, no one can tell which teeth are bonded except dental professionals.

On the other hand, bonding resin is nonporous, unlike tooth enamel. Stains form on your natural teeth when staining agents penetrate the pores of your teeth, and whitening agents penetrate the surface of your natural teeth to whiten them.

Because the resin is nonporous, whitening agents cannot penetrate it. As a result of the contrast with your bleached natural teeth, your resin-bonded teeth may appear stained or discoloured in certain areas. Furthermore, resin, like any plastic item, can become discoloured when exposed to various staining agents.Bonding resin can appear stained, but tooth-whitening products will not whiten it.

How To Whiten Your Teeth After Dental Bonding?

Natural tooth whitening is a simple procedure that involves applying a high-powered whitening gel directly to the tooth enamel. However, the procedure is slightly different regarding whitening bonded teeth. Dental bonding is made of a resin material that does not respond like natural tooth enamel.

If you want to improve how your smile appears and some of your teeth are bonded, your dentist will most likely recommend one of two options after your dental bonding in Rutherford.

  • Replace the bonding. You can ask your dentist to remove the resin from the bonded tooth after you have whitened your natural teeth. The bonding process can then be redone using a resin that matches the color of your whitened teeth.
  • Use a veneer. After whitening, your dentist at our dentistry in Rutherford may advise you to have the old resin removed and replaced with a veneer. Veneers are a more permanent treatment than bonding and are made of nonporous porcelain that is extremely stain resistant. A few dental appointments are required to place one, but many patients believe that the time and effort are worthwhile.

If you are getting your teeth bonded for the first timeshould have your teeth whitened before the bonding material is applied. Afterwards, the dental bonding can be adjusted to match the new (whiter) shade, giving you years of gleaming smiles.

Tooth Whitening Side Effects

To ensure a positive tooth-whitening experience keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always follow the instructions included with your whitening kit.
  • Certain over-the-counter whitening agents can irritate your mouth’s soft tissues, especially your gums, and cause tooth sensitivity. Stop using the product if you feel a burn.
  • Overusing whitening products can harm your natural tooth enamel and cause tooth sensitivity.
  • Furthermore, unlike natural teeth, bonded teeth will not lighten over time.
  • Consult with your dentist at Tailor-Made Smiles about whitening your teeth in the dentist’s chair for the best and safest experience. You can also discuss procedures to lighten your bonded teeth while you’re there.

If you’re considering tooth bonding, especially for cosmetic reasons, talk to your dentist about teeth whitening before the bonding procedure and how you’ll deal with future staining issues. Also, if your bonded teeth are discolored, your dentist at Rutherford dental Clinic can show you how to brighten them so they’re like your natural teeth.

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