Duties and Benefits of Endodontists

Duties and Benefits of Endodontists

Dec 01, 2020

Endodontists are dentists who specialize in treatment of the soft tissues inside the teeth. They mostly perform root canal procedures and other complicated procedures such as pulp surgery and relieving nerval pain.

Job Description

To qualify, one has to complete four years in a dental school then take an additional two years of specialized training. On most occasions, general dentists refer patients to special dentists for more complicated procedures, especially if the inner part of the tooth is affected.

They are trained to perform all regular dentistry procedures. Most of them, however, limit themselves to their area of specialty, and constantly refer back patients to regular dentists for procedures such as crowns Dental Crowns, veneers treatment and fillings.

Patients visit these special dentists if they have a knocked-out tooth or want a tooth to be restored. Tooth bleaching is also their area of specialty. It’s a simple procedure which has gained much popularity in the dental world.

Apart from the dentistry role, they also perform tasks involved in running a dental practice. They also have the decree to keep updated with new dentistry trends and emerging surgery techniques.

Working Environment

Their working environment is similar to the dental office or regular dentists. It includes a waiting room where patients check in on the front desk. There is also an office where the dentist deals with consultations and files any necessary paperwork.

An exam room is included, where all procedures and exams are partaken. It’s normal to hear noise when in their work environment as dental tools create substantial noise.

Patients with dental anxiety can easily be intimidated by this work environment and by this specialist. They are therefore trained to maintain a calm personality to put every patient they handle at ease. These specialists can at times be overwhelmed by the patient load since their work requires special detail to the patient.

For this reason, it’s advisable to have an office where the dentist can rest and ‘clear their head’.

What are Their Duties

Root Canal

This is among their major callings. The procedure involves removal of the inner soft pulp of the tooth after which the dentist carefully shapes and clears the inner tooth surfaces.

After readying the tooth, a special filling material is used to seal the opening. This material also acts as a protection to the tooth from further damage.

After this is where general dentistry comes in to top the tooth with either a crown, shielding it from further damage.

Pain Relief

Unexplained facial, mouth and jaw pains are conditions they have the training to handle. They diagnose, isolate and treat such problems with ease. If the cause of the pain can’t be determined in general dentistry, they refer that patient to a special dentist.

Most pains are caused by infections, fractured teeth and jaw bone or unwanted growths in the teeth.

Your special dentist can also accordingly recommend pain relief drugs for before, during and after treatment.


Among their routine duties is performing various types of oral surgery, extraction of diseased teeth and removal of half-teeth, alias hemi sections. They also perform apicoectomy procedures, which is the amputation of roots of a tooth.

Some life-threatening situations can also necessitate removal of a tooth, treating it and putting it back in the socket for healing. In such cases, the patient is relieved of pain and the affected tooth is also saved.

Why Should You Choose an Endodontist?

  • Reduce Waiting Time: If a root canal surgery is necessary, you probably are in a lot of pain. You therefore need a surgery as soon as possible so you get back to normal. An endodontist is the best specialist to go to here. They offer maximum flexibility and will see you off quicker than regular dentists.
  • Skilled in this field: Since they have undergone dental surgery training and additional two years in this field, these special dentists are best when it comes to certain dental problems. If especially one has their own practice, it means they are more experienced and is the best to consult.
  • Superior Techniques: Advanced technology is used in many special dentistry offices to perform treatment. This gives you greater advantage in minimizing pain and shortening the recovery time.
  • They also understand how sensitive tooth pulp can be better than general dentists, so have superior skills of putting the patient at ease. They take their time to discuss anxieties with the patient and any worries you might have. So, you feel calmer and relaxed before, during and after surgery.

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