How to Practice Good Mouth Hygiene Outdoors?

How to Practice Good Mouth Hygiene Outdoors?

Apr 01, 2023

With summer approaching, you might be looking forward to spending time outdoors with activities like camping, hiking, et cetera to make a perfect vacation after staying indoors for several months during the winter. Your decision to spend time outdoors is excellent because it promotes overall health and mental and physical well-being and allows you to socialize by getting active and exploring.

While preparing for your outdoor experience, you mustn’t ignore indoor practices like maintaining good mouth hygiene. Therefore when you start preparing for your outdoor sojourn, consider visiting the dentist near you to learn about practicing good mouth hygiene outdoors and prepare for the trip ahead of time to ensure you don’t return with infections in your mouth that can develop before you realize it.

Kindly do not consider throwing your dental hygiene kit in a backpack without packing it separately by including all your essentials in individual bags that are easy to access. Make sure the bags have seals to ensure they don’t attract insects and animals to the flavors of your dental hygiene kit.

Tips to Maintain Good Mouth Hygiene Outdoors

While venturing outdoors is excellent for your mind and body, your mouth also requires attention in the same way as indoors. The well-being of your mouth ensures you enjoy your outdoor experience to return home with many memories that will remain with you for quite some time.

Here are some tips for maintaining your dental hygiene appropriately when on a trip to enjoy yourself with your family.

  • Brushing might be challenging outdoors if you don’t have access to fresh water. However can comfortably overcome the challenge by packing a box or two of bottled water specifically for brushing every morning and night for all family members.
  • The outdoors can make you forget your routine as time passes fast, leaving you engrossed in various activities. Therefore you can help yourself by setting reminders to brush and floss daily in the morning and night.
  • If you have fellow travelers who haven’t prepared as you have, do not consider sharing toothbrushes or dental floss with them, even if they consider you as Groucho Marx.
  • Consider packing a battery-powered electric toothbrush because you might not have access to electricity at a distant campsite. The electric tool makes brushing easier while helping you maintain proper dental hygiene even in remote locations.
  • Your campsite is not a storage point requiring you to pack your dental floss and toothpaste in your storage bag to keep it close by to avoid missing your dental care Kit and searching for supplies in the middle of nowhere.
  • The outdoors isn’t exciting to leave your toothbrush or toothpaste in the open without drying them. However, insects will have a field day if you adopt such habits. Instead, you must ensure you dry your toothbrush before packing it away until the subsequent use along with your toothpaste.
  • Bottled water doesn’t just help you brush your teeth and clean your mouth but is also helpful in remaining hydrated because the outdoors can dehydrate you if you are involved in activities during the summer. The heat also takes its toll, making it essential to have a bottle of water at hand at all times.
  • Outdoor campsites are not trash sites where you can spit gum or throw waste around. Therefore look for a designated trash site to throw away trash before you get home from a trip.
  • Accidents can happen outdoors, making you lose your wallet, handheld electronic devices, and even your dental kit. Therefore it helps if you pack an emergency dental by purchasing one from the neighborhood pharmacy or supermarket.
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash all contain mint products, making it essential for you to pack them separately in bags to keep animals from attacking them.

Foods for Your Outdoor Trip

Before packing for your outdoor trip, please inquire with the Rutherford dental clinic near you about the foods you can load to keep you energetic, besides protecting your oral hygiene and helping improve it.

Do not express surprise when the professionals from Rutherford dentistry suggest packing vegetables like carrots and celery, excellent sources of beta-carotene that help create vitamin A, essential for building strong teeth. You can also consider citrus fruits like apples and oranges because they help clean your teeth and increase saliva production. Leafy greens and berries are also helpful for your teeth in the outdoors and help prevent plaque buildup that eventually results in tooth decay.

An outdoor trip doesn’t mean you can leave dental hygiene indoors while you enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Instead, if you inquire with Tailor-Made Smiles, the dental practice provides adequate guidance on the care needed to maintain good oral hygiene outdoors to benefit your dental health. Therefore kindly discuss your vacation with them to receive advice on keeping your dental hygiene optimal when you are not indoors.

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