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When you want to replace a missing tooth with one that is not only natural and functional in its appearance but more durable than a natural tooth, dental implants in New Jersey from our dentist near you at 07070 should be your first choice. Not only is our dentist one of the leading cosmetic and restorative dentists in the area, but the entire team from Tailor-Made Smiles is committed to gentle dentistry as well – something that is especially appreciated by our patients looking for a pain-free dental experience.

Enjoy the Experience of Gentle Dentistry WIth Our New Jersey Dental Implant Dentist

The procedure for a dental implant typically takes several months to complete from start to finish, with a few key stopping points along the way to allow time for your body to adjust to the procedure that’s being performed.

When you visit our dentist for a consultation for dental implants in Rutherford, New Jersey, we will take time to fully explain the implant procedure so you’ll know in advance what to expect and learn how our commitment to gentle dentistry will be a part of every step we use in dental implants near you.

Not only will the end-result of your dental implant be an immediate boost to your self-confidence, but the process will be one that you can reflect on knowing that every effort was taken to make the experience as gentle and pain-free as possible.

It’s a New Day in Modern Dentistry

There have been many advancements made in the technology and equipment that’s used to perform dental implants and other types of dental surgeries, with many of them creating a more comfortable patient experience than in recent years.

Because of our commitment to modern technology in dentistry, our dentist uses only the latest equipment to ensure that your experience – whether it’s for a dental implant or any of the other multi-specialty procedures we provide – is not only as efficient as possible but as pain-free as possible as well.

Dental Implants in New Jersey from Our Best Implant Dentist in NJ

Instead of continuing to wonder whether a dental implant is the best choice for the restoration of your smile, we invite you to make an appointment today for a consultation and customized treatment plan that will always keep your comfort at the top of the list.

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