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Cosmetic dental procedures are all aimed at improving the way teeth look and giving you a better smile. At Tailor-Made Smiles in Rutherford, New Jersey, one of the most common cosmetic procedures that we perform is dental veneers. If you’re looking to get dental veneers in New Jersey, Rutherford, you don’t need to look further.

Veneers near you are thin shells. We stick them to teeth to make them look better. They’re not the only method of improving patients’ smiles, but they’re certainly one of the most popular ones. At Tailor-Made Smiles, we receive plenty of questions about dental veneers.

Getting Veneers New Jersey, Rutherford

Veneers aren’t complicated. They’re simple and easy to get. Patients can get veneers to cover teeth that are deeply stained, crooked, or chipped. The veneer acts as a screen that hides the tooth and gives it an improved appearance.

When you visit us, we’ll measure your teeth and send these measurements to the lab that manufactures veneers. There’s no strict rule on the number of veneers you can get. Most patients only want veneers for their front teeth since they’re the ones that show when they smile. There’s little sense in getting veneers for all your teeth; it’ll also be more expensive.

You’ll need to come back when we have the veneers so we can apply them to your teeth. This will include removing about 0.5mm of the front surfaces of your teeth. Veneers will then be applied and modified, so they don’t affect your bite.

Living with New Jersey Veneers In Rutherford

Veneers aren’t removable. Once you get them, the only way to remove them will be by visiting the dentist’s office or breaking them. Veneers aren’t as durable as natural teeth, so you’ll need to be careful with what you bite and chew to avoid breaking them.

Finally, veneers in New Jersey are not resistant to staining. They’re used to make teeth brighter, but they can stain over time. Try to cut back on cigarettes, coffee, sodas, and tea to keep your veneers bright. You should also continue to brush your teeth at least twice a day to clean your veneers and keep your teeth fresh and healthy.

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