Endodontics in Rutherford, New Jersey 

Why lose a tooth when endodontic techniques can save it? Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with repairing and treating infected or decayed teeth. At the end of the day, it’s always better to retain your natural teeth. An endodontist uses specialized techniques and expert training to help patients with tooth problems.

If you’re suffering from toothache or discomfort, feel free to contact Tailor-Made Smiles in Rutherford, New Jersey for root canal treatments and more.

When Do You Need to See an Endodontist?

It’s very important to address tooth pain at the earliest so that the infection can be treated. Seeing an endodontist on time can help save your tooth from having to be extracted.

While root canals form a major part of endodontics, it also includes performing dental surgeries and treating sudden dental trauma that may arise. Dentists and endodontists often work together in order to provide you with the best care.

The following signs may indicate that you may need to see an endodontist near you:

  • You have severe pain while chewing or biting
  • You experience heightened sensitivity even after eating hot or cold foods
  • Swelling or tenderness in the gums
  • Discoloration of the tooth

Many times, there are no symptoms to indicate that you may need a root canal. Why wait until the last minute?

Our dentist in Rutherford, New Jersey will recommend the most suitable treatment option.

Top Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

There are several benefits to getting timely endodontic treatments:

  • Root canal prevents the spread of infection and decay to neighboring teeth. Tailor-Made Smiles offers advanced and safe endodontics to treat tooth pain.
  • Expert endodontic treatment can restore the function as well as the aesthetics of a tooth. This is because the dentist will seal the tooth and place a crown to complete the treatment.
  • Root canal treatments are geared towards preserving your natural tooth as far as possible.

Endodontic treatment is not only beneficial to your oral health but also to your overall health as well. Tailor-Made Smiles in Rutherford, New Jersey offers a wide range of painless endodontics near you.

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