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KöR Whitening in Rutherford, NJ

Teeth whitening is a safe, effective, and non-invasive way of transforming your smile. Whether you’re struggling with everyday staining or severe discoloration, this cosmetic dental procedure can restore the lost glory of your smile.

KöR whitening system is an innovative teeth whitening system that allows patients to get rid of their stains and discoloration permanently. KöR works for all types of discoloration, including antibiotic stains. Are you getting ready for a big interview or a much-anticipated date? KöR whitening can help you feel more confident about your smile.

Tailor-Made Smiles is a leading, multi-specialty dental practice that provides KöR whitening in Rutherford, NJ. Contact us today if you want to take your smile from dull and stained to brilliant and stunning.

How KöR Works and What to Expect

Our dentist in Rutherford, NJ, will kick off your appointment with a thorough assessment of your oral health. Next, the dentist takes dental impressions to inform the fabrication of your whitening trays. You may elect to whiten your teeth at home using home whitening kits. Alternatively, our dentist near you may perform in-office teeth whitening. For severe staining and discoloration, a combination of home and in-office whitening is usually required.

KöR whitening gels should be kept refrigerated as this ensures that the gels remain highly effective. KöR whitening systems work by infusing the stained teeth with a potent compound known as hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down to form numerous components. Among these components are radicals and other byproducts that bleach teeth, thus removing stains and discoloration.

KöR whitening gels combine powerful whitening ingredients and rely on a tri-barrel gel delivery configuration—a first of its kind in the tooth whitening industry. This means that the potent ingredients remain sealed off in three different barrels until they’re ready for use.

Further, KöR whitening gels are stored in conditions that encourage optimal effectiveness. KöR whitening trays are also custom-made in a fashion that seals off your saliva. Saliva can hinder the effectiveness of a whitening agent.

Benefits of KöR Teeth Whitening

KöR whitening is superior and advantageous in many ways, including:

  • It’s a highly effective whitening system that eliminates all stains, including stubborn stains caused by antibiotics.
  • There are no lights or lasers involved.
  • KöR whitening allows for flexibility as one can opt for night-time or daytime whitening.
  • It’s a safe and non-invasive way to transform the aesthetic appeal of your smile significantly.

Don’t let stained teeth come between you and your self-confidence. Reach out to Tailor-Made Smiles today if you’re looking for a dental practice that provides KöR whitening near you.

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