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Tooth Dental Extractions in Rutherford, New Jersey

The process of extracting or ‘pulling’ a tooth has been around since the beginning of time. While the old versions of this procedure were often painful, modern dentistry allows professionals like Tailor-Made Smiles to eliminate broken, damaged, or infected teeth without pain or discomfort.

If your tooth has been badly infected or damaged and you are unsure whether or not you can keep it, contact us today. We perform pain-free dental extractions near you in Rutherford, New Jersey.

The Complete Procedure

A dental extraction is a straightforward process and is not painful. Our staff will numb your mouth using a local anesthetic, and we take the utmost care in ensuring you cannot feel as the tooth is removed.

Once you have been numbed, our dentist uses a specialized pair of pliers to grip the tooth. We need to dislodge the root from the jawbone, so we gently wiggle it back and forth until it loosens. Our dentist can then simply pull the tooth out.

If you have an impacted tooth that is trapped below another tooth or the gum line, we will need to cut through the soft tissues to reach it. Once this is done, our dentist will break the trapped tooth into pieces to facilitate removal. Once the pieces are removed, we sanitize and sew up your gums, so they are as good as new.

How Long Is Recovery?

One of the perks of modern tooth extractions is the healing time. You will be able to perform regular activities like eating and drinking as soon as the anesthetic wears off.

For the first 24 to 72 hours, you might experience mild pain or discomfort at the site of extraction. If it does not go away or worsens over time, please contact us so we can examine the site for signs of infection.

How to Schedule Care

At Tailor-Made Smiles, we maintain flexible hours. To schedule an appointment, simply call our office in Rutherford, New Jersey and explain you need a consultation for extraction. Our dentist will then be able to inspect your tooth and determine whether or not it needs to be removed to preserve your oral health and wellness. Apart from this, Visit Tailor-Made Smiles for various dental services, including dental crownsemergency dentistryteeth whiteningimplants, fillings, sealants, Invisalign, veneers, etc.

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