What’re The Best and Worst Candies for Your Teeth?

What’re The Best and Worst Candies for Your Teeth?

Aug 03, 2022

There are many free candies available on the market that can satisfy your craving for sweets. Even the most health-conscious individuals have a tough time resisting the yummy taste and sugar sweetness. Few candies are harder on teeth than others. Other candies offer sustenance and fuel for some bacteria strains.

When the bacteria come in contact with the sugar, it multiplies fast and forms acid as a waste byproduct. This waste leads to enamel damage. If ignored for long, it will eventually lead to cavities. So, it is essential to care for your oral health so that you enjoy a bright smile for a longer time. Read below to explore the worst and the best candies for teeth.

Best Candies

Preventive dental care is vital to maintain a dazzling shine on your teeth and overall health. Below are the great choices of candies for teeth:

a) Sugarless Candies

Did you know more than 90% of adults in the US have had a cavity? As you know, sugar harms teeth because it feeds the natural bacteria in the mouth. It results in the development of cavities and increases your chances to visit a dentist near you to make your teeth cavity-free.

Sugar-free candies also help in the formation of extra saliva that helps in preventing plaque accumulation. They also produce minimal acid and bacteria to attack teeth. It prevents the enamel to become weak. Contact the experts at Tailor-Made Smiles to know more tips about how to prevent bacteria growth and decay,

b) Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is also one of the best candies for teeth. Unlike other candies, it has less sugar and dissolves fast. Even studies show that high-quality dark chocolate containing high cocoa helps reduce the risk of heart diseases and boost overall health. Dark chocolate is full of minerals and antioxidants.

Chocolate also makes the enamel hard and shields it from cavities. Another study at Osaka University in Japan also states that the tannins in dark chocolate kill bad bacteria in the mouth, preventing tooth decay. However, be mindful of this choice.

The more the chocolate is close to the natural cocoa bean, the better it will be for your dental health. Also, if you are selecting other chocolates, ensure they do not have a chew center. Milk chocolate and Hershey’s Ghirardelli are usually best to consume.

c) Candy With Nuts

Candy bars with nuts are better for your teeth and help you satisfy your sweet tooth. The nuts contained in them force the remaining candy to split up.

d) Sore Candies

Like sweet candies, sore candies can also be harmful. It’s because they not only have sugar but also are extremely acidic. The acid can attack your teeth fast and erode tooth enamel.

Worst Candies for Your Teeth

Below are the candies to avoid:

a) Chewy or Sticky Candies

Sticky candies are sticky and make your teeth prone to cavities and oral health issues. They typically include caramels, taffy, gummies, etc. Chewy or sticky candies usually leave a sugary residue between the teeth and crevices. It offers fuel for acid-spewing microbes and makes them hard to eliminate even with regular flossing and brushing.

On the other hand, the residue left by sticky candies is tough to rinse away. It increases the formation of cavities, decay, and gum diseases. Therefore, you must brush your teeth after consuming any sticky candy to remove any leftover bits stuck to the teeth.

b) Hard Candies

The texture of hard candies could lead to severe damage to your teeth. It’s because they stay in your mouth for longer. It means your teeth come in contact with the sugar and attract cavities causing bacteria.

For example, biting down on them or crunching them up could cause chipping, cracking, or damage to your dental restorations. They can also irritate the soft tissues in the teeth and result in tooth pain. Hard candies usually include butterscotch, peppermints, cinnamon discs, lollipops, etc. These candies also enhance the risk of tooth decay and gum diseases.

Whether you consume good or bad candies, you must stick to good oral hygiene. Rutherford, NJ, dentist recommends brushing twice using fluoride toothpaste and flossing regularly. It will help you eliminate cavities causing bacteria and plaque buildup in your mouth.

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