Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Rutherford, New Jersey

Fluoride treatments are beneficial not only to children but also to adolescents and older adults. Fluoride supplements are also available as liquids, tablets, and topical applications, but you must only take these supplements under medical supervision.

When Is Fluoride Intake Most Important?

Fluoride intake is extremely crucial for children between the ages of 3 to 6 months right until 16 years. This is the time when milk and permanent teeth are formed, and adequate fluoride is necessary for healthy teeth and gums.

However, adults benefit from fluoride treatments, as well. If you have a history of tooth decay or take certain medications, you may benefit from regular fluoride treatments. Similarly, improperly fitted dental prosthetics like crowns and bridges can cause tooth decay if you find it difficult to brush around them.

Feel free to ask our expert dental team at Tailor-Made Smiles if you can benefit from professional fluoride treatment.

What You Should Know About Fluoride Treatment Procedures

For most of us, proper oral care consists of brushing and flossing regularly and using fluoride-based toothpaste. A regular dental care routine coupled with a good diet and hygiene usually helps keep your teeth safe from decay.

Fluoride treatments keep our teeth from decaying and also reverse the effects of premature decay. There are two types of fluorides:

Topical Fluoride: Topical fluoride makes our teeth strong and resistant by draining into the external layer of tooth enamel. Gels and liquids are examples of topical fluoride treatments. The ADA recommends that children should get fluoride treatments at least twice a year.

Systemic Fluoride: Systemic fluoride refers to fluoride consumed as liquids, tablets, or drops for infants. They help strengthen teeth that are about to erupt as well as teeth that have already erupted. If you have questions or concerns about the quantity and frequency of dosage, please contact our reliable dental experts.

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