Wellness Scan/Tour of Your Mouth With iTero Scanner in Rutherfrord, NJ

Wellness Scan/Tour of Your Mouth With iTero Scanner in Rutherfrord, NJ

Our dental practice has invested in advanced imaging technology like the iTero scanner to meet the evolving demands of our patients. As the patient, you can see what’s happening in your mouth because the images are displayed on a screen. Patients seeking restorative and orthodontic treatment can enjoy the reliability, intuitiveness, and speedy image delivery of the iTero scanner in Rutherford.

We utilize the iTero scanner to make digital impressions in Rutherford for your Invisalign® system and other orthodontic work. With our advanced dental technology iTero scanner in Rutherford, you are sure that you will receive proper-fitting restorative crowns, custom implant abutments, bridges, and other restorations.

Talk to us if you want a dental office that offers CAD/CAM iTero scanner in Rutherford. We want you to have comfortable, engaging, and optimal diagnosis, treatment, and recovery times. Contact us today!

FAQs – iTero Scanner

What Are the Benefits of Using an iTero Scanner for Dental Treatments?

Our iTero scanning services in Rutherford accurately diagnose patients' oral health. The iTero scanner enables a time-saving and safe dental process and provides immediate feedback.

Is an iTero Scanner More Accurate than Traditional Impression Methods?

Our orthodontic treatment iTero scanner in Rutherford employs laser and optical scanning to deliver accurate scans in clearly visible details and color, making it more accurate than conventional impression methods.

How Long Does an iTero Scan Take?

Our restorative dentistry iTero scanner in Rutherford can deliver full arch scans in as little as 60 seconds, saving time.

Is an iTero Scan Comfortable?

Our iTero digital scanner in Rutherford has a very tiny intraoral camera. You may not even notice we are using the camera, thus making it very comfortable.

How Does an iTero Scanner Improve the Results of Restorative Dental Treatments?

Yes! Our CAD/CAM iTero scanner in Rutherford produces detailed, accurate images or digital impressions in Rutherford, thus allowing our dentist to fabricate properly-fitting restoratives such as crowns, dentures, implants, and bridges. Additionally, the wait time for the fabrication of these restorations is reduced; thus, the overall treatment time is minimized.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment for An iTero Scan in Rutherford?

Visit our dental office or call us to schedule an appointment for intuitive, reliable, and speedy scans with our iTero Element scanner in Rutherford!

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